If you’re looking for ideas, here are some themes and questions to inspire you. Of course, you don’t have to work on these, you can do anything you like, but these are some of the things we think might be interesting.

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Built Environment

Presented by Sarah Krasley, Autodesk. More about Sarah >>

How can we make our offices, homes, cities and products more sustainable? From buildings to consumer goods, everything we make needs to be dragged up to a higher standard of sustainability – how can you help make that change easier?


Presented by Wendy Ferguson, Trucost. More about Wendy >>

If you want to change something, first measure it. Can corporate, governmental and even personal sustainability measures be made more transparent and trustworthy? Can crowdsourcing help?

Behaviour Change

Presented by Ogi Kavazovic, Opower. More about Ogi >>

We need to encourage behaviour change on a massive scale if we are to make the transition to a sustainable world. How can we encourage people to change their lifestyle? How can it be made fun and engaging? Can we change behaviour without preaching? What works, what doesn’t?


Presented by Peter Miller, ITO World. More about Peter >>

We live in a globalised world, with people and goods moving all the time. People travel in high-carbon planes, while countries export and import the same goods to each other. How can technology make transportation and logistics more efficient, or avoid the need altogether?


Presented by Paul Skinner, W+K London. More about Paul >>

Climate change scientists have to put across a very complex problem to the public. How can visualisation help? What data would you show people, and how? What would you do to make the issues and data behind climate change obvious to people? What can you show people that they didn’t know?

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