Datasets & APIs

To get you thinking about your hacks, here are a few resources that you might find useful:

Hackathon Exclusive: Trucost
One of our sponsors, Trucost, are making available anonymised data for over 1000 companies, covering 20 different environmental impacts as well as profit data from 2002-2009.
Hackathon Exclusive: DECC Meter Point data
DECC have made available anonymised yearly gas and electricity usage for around 20000 homes, grouped by area, which will be available at the event.
Web service for greenhouse gas calculation and other sustainability metrics. AMEEconnect API, and AMEEdiscover search engine. Try AskAMEE for a more human view as well.
Worldwide power plant information.
Platform for rapid development of geospatial apps. CartoDB will be on hand to provide instances, help, and some carbon sequestration potential data during the event.
UK government data sets.
EU lifecycle analysis data for materials, energy, transport and waste.
Environmental Performance Index
Country-level environmental indicators from Yale.
EPA Datasets
Datasets from the EPA in the US.
Europe’s Public Data
EU data access from the Open Knowledge Foundation, including energy data.
Social web service for venue and checkin information. You don’t need us to explain it!
Energy pricing and demand-shifting data and analysis.
NCDC Weather Data
80 years of weather data from 9000+ weather stations around the world, available on AWS platforms.
Data on over 30 million corporations around the world.
Open Energy Info – open access to all sorts of energy resources data.
Realtime wiring for the Internet of Things.
Following supply chains around the world.
Monitoring and control of home energy devices and data.
UN Data
Loads of international data resources from the UN
World Bank
APIs for indicators, projects, and WB financial data.
World Health Organisation
Access to health and development goal data.

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